Friday, September 29, 2006

Entry #9: Because I hate their ads [mag]

(no frills link page)

Робин, а-у-у! glasnost, what? Russians strike back!

The Big idea = each issue made in a different country. (good use of flash without the fanfare).

Paper Magazine
Great mag from NY, great site. thank god.

The Blowup
I go here for the avante-garde photos and the minimalist design.

Have some crackers while you watch the show- way too heavy on the flash.

Clear Magazine
Way too heavy on the flash. pick up the mag instead.

Cool Girls Japan
This website needs some major help, but some neat photos every so often. (someone send me a good Japanese fashion site, please!!)

Spanish site that uses flash as a medium for art. Be warned- it is sorta addictive, but don't go here for fast info.

Again, too much flash, but great photos!

Girl on the Street
Trendspotting the streets of NY (mostly).

cool photos of shows and seasons but again- FLASH heavy, but better use than most (someone tell em to STOP already though, please).

Flash heavy, but with fashion shows from not-so-fashion capitals (but should be!) Flash is also faster and better designed than most!

Issue One
NO. I didn't even allow it to load.

Japanese scene. Some flash, but once you get over it, the content is in HTML!

Entry #8: The Blow Up

The Blow Up recently revamped their website and it is killer!

Entry #7: Bikes by design

I love.