Friday, March 28, 2008

Entry #160: And Now I Have You.

O joy!

N they look 100 times better in real life.

Most expensive shoes in my lifetime?

I've been waiting n eyeing these babies FOREVER.

Entry #159: How Rare is Earth?

Lisa may enjoy this equation from Ward & Brownlee. You can also flip through the book on Google-- check it! Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe

Now, for the equation:

# Rare Earth Equation (revision of Drake Equation)

N = N* x fp x fpm x ne x ng x fi x fc x fl x fm x fj x fme

where N* = stars in Milky Way,
fp = fraction of stars with planets,
fpm = fraction of metal-rich planets,
ne = planets in star's habitable zone,
ng = stars in Galactic habitable zone,
fi = fraction of habitable planets where life arises,
fc = fraction of planets with life where complex life (eukaryotic-type cells) arises,
fl = percentage of a lifetime of planet that is marked by presence of complex life,
fm = fraction of planets with large Moon,
fj = fraction of planetary systems with Jupiter-sized planets,
fme = fraction of planets with critically low mass-extinction events

* as any term in equation approaches zero, so does final result

* Some of the terms may be interdependent -- a Moon may be necessary for the development of complex life, or the presence of a Jupiter may make mass extinctions less common. This form of the equation assumes no such connections exist!

* Remember that all our conclusions are based on one life-bearing planet; a Moon may turn out not to matter at all.

O yes, also the question is how rare versus how unique! Very different. I'm fascinated by this book because of the assumptions that are made that are necessary for the question to even be VALID.

Something to boggle your brains even further (on a Friday!): extremophiles

Gawd I hope I catch me a scientist sooner than later :)

Entry #158: New and Now @ The Academy

Shades of Greige & Oak are now available at The Academy. I'm particularly thrilled with a cropped button up top that Oak has-- very chic and compliments galore (my sister and I each snatched one)!

Oak Denim in a new slouchy cut for all u skinnies out there.

The colors this season: baby blue, gray, n all the light fluffy colors you can think of.

But I like yellow.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Entry #157: My Dream Browser

Yes, we've all done it. Dream about a better tomorrow w/ a better browser in order to hasten or simpify communique. I googled "dream browser" and came across the stuff above.

But right now

I want an endless supply of desktops. I save everything to a desktop and I seem to be able to find stuff when its spilled across like wildflowers or packed dirt n I think that my life would be easier if I had an endless amount of desktops I can scroll through and search by dates or something... for instance: I remember saving this picture that was next to THIS file and desktop for the file shows up...or Picture A while listening to song A... n all the things you worked on while listening to that song on this date shows up.

Do I even make sense?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Entry #156: Rabbit Tale (a wild prattling of a child)

Choose your own adventure.

You are asked to feed the neighbor’s dog at 10am—you will be paid $400 to do this for one day. You arrive late (at 1pm) to find that the rabbit (which you don’t remember being told about) is dead—obviously the dog’s doing.

Do you:
a.) Tell the owner exactly what happened (including your late arrival).
b.) Wash the rabbit and place it back in its cage—acting like you knew nothing about it.
c.) Bury the rabbit and buy a new one to replace the dead one.

You must choose one.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Entry #155: The Blood of a Poet

I had an immediate fascination to Jean Cocteau’s 1936 (? Not sure on date) “Blood of a Poet” because of the crazy imagery involved.

It is a long film and I was forced to stop at various intersections to get food or water. Because of the nonsensical storyline and the rather strange dialog between characters, I’d be hard press to try to explain it except that it mimics the art process. It’s also scary.

But I keep going back to it!


I discovered that looking at snapshots of the film was slightly more interesting then watching the film because I was able to notice little oddities that were previously ignored.

Also, also—notice all the peculations in Spring 08 Fashion?

I adore the shoes! But I really should be thinking 19th century right now! We cut next week and I haven't made my pattern yet? BAH!

Saturday, March 08, 2008


we came
we saw
we conquered
... well not really we have to go back next month to get fully certified but
we're into track bike racing now!

ART CENTER bullhaha (midterm death and lack of sleep)

WEEK 8 at art center is a very dangerous week. its when kids who are hyped up on sugar and caffeine start playing with lazer cutters , exacto blades and box cutters staying up into the wee hours of the night to get their midterm projects done. Last term kids came into class with missing fingers, this term I lucked out, only a few flesh wounds , finger tip nicks and overall minimal blood loss.

p.s. acrylic glue comes in heroin looking needles - heroin just isnt my thing I swear so thats what your seeing in the back.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Entry #152: Viktor & Rolf Missing Restraint & Knowledge?

Ahh... a quote to live by for the young designer in training:

"[Designs]...would be more successful if the designers were a little less intent on having a good time. Just because a scheme's wacky and off-the-wall some of the young designers think it is FUN, in big letters, when in fact their very determination to be zany renders the result lifeless. What's missing is restraint and knowledge. What's missing is the Zen of seeing." -Albert Hadley

Viktor & Rolf's Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren placed the word "Dream" (in big letters) front and center. They did not think outside of their boxy letters? I wasn't moved.

Entry #151: Brain Food

As Brain Awareness Week Nears (Next week)...

This weekend I watched "The Brain Fitness Program" on PBS and it was the most fascinating program I have seen in years.

Some things to keep in mind:

Thrive on Learning and Mental Challenges. The point of having a brain is precisely to learn and to adapt to challenging new environments. Once new neurons appear in your brain, where they stay in your brain and how long they survive depends on how you use them. "Use It or Lose It" does not mean "do crossword puzzle number 1,234,567". It means, "challenge your brain often with fundamentally new activities".

We are (as far as we know) the only self-directed organisms in this planet. Aim high. Once you graduate from college, keep learning. The brain keeps developing, no matter your age, and it reflects what you do with it.

Explore, travel. Adapting to new locations forces you to pay more attention to your environment. Make new decisions, use your brain.

Interesting Website:
Sharp Brains

Book to check out: The Mind and the Brain

Buy a copy of the PBS program

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Entry #150: March of Balenciaga

Yes, yes, I do I do Love with a capital L their Fall RTW. Fierce. maybe slightly too severe but I adore it! I am woman, hear me roar (and I can't be ignored!)