Tuesday, August 15, 2006

entry #6: Dare to Care

I love daily obsessions, and the AIDS awareness campaign they feature... much better than the one where famous people take serious pictures.

On a recent trip to Target to view the Paul & Joe designs, I was in the vitamins aisle and a picture of their prescription medicine bottle stopped me dead.

Seriously, how amazing is Target? I mean... Isaac was one thing but wow! The bottle is beautiful and much, much more appealing than the ordinary ones... I think I might switch over just so I could get one of these beaus? Too bad there's no cool color coding system system a la Homeland Security... although what they would color code- I have no idea.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Entry #5: Fascination

I saw something on TV about dams.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Entry #4: Good morning, sunshine.

This was on design sponge. It's called "herbie" and it is made for the city dweller (yes... backpackers are city dwellers).

Coooooool. It would be interesting if Herbie looked more natural, don't you think? I'm glad the designer didn't go that route though because it seems a bit fraudulent if it were to look like regular pots. I'd cry identity theft, anyways.

Now, there have been tons of jumpers coming out recently and, for the most part, I've liked them, but I kept thinking, I can do better and if only it was LIKE THIS or like that. But then I came across ESKELL's fab site and line. This is almost what I made last weekend! Minus the material, cuz mine is made from silk and another is wool pencil skirt. Whatever the deal, it's hot and I think I want one! These also remind me of the dresses I made for the fashion show (hey, I have foresight!)... I am thinking, the same material as fashion show (we have tons left) with pleats still intact. It'll be a cinch and you'll love it, I promise!

Entry #3: I really miss you.

Nostalgia sets in. My computer!! I was thinking back to all the pictures of all my dream "rooftop gardens" and I can't believe they are GONE. seriously. done.

O, rooftop garden, you will be mine someday (soon, soon, soon). In the meantime...

Is that not the coolest trash bin in the world or what? I totally want it.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Entry #2: Trees

On graduation day, I went to the Getty with the familia and saw a presentation on acid etching. I googled the damn thing and fell in L- to the O-V-E with Adam Frank's work- Lumen. They're $48 and you can get them at ELSEWARES. yummy. tree huggers, unite!