Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Entry #118: Realpolitik?

Change of guard, says I.

At my original position, I was a Clinton fan… but, but

The potential possibilities that a black president will bring to the nation is too great to pass up.

The world wouldn’t know how to react! I think shocked. And then hope.

Me too, me too...

(p.s. I like his video—has a 60s quality to it).

Monday, July 23, 2007

Entry #117: Powers of Ten

In writing letters--

my words fly from heart to fingers- and lack of barriers make everything raw and overstated- love becomes obsession, annoyance becomes hate, and an indication of disappointment- becomes a personal attack.

Don't take it as such.

My letters are not to substitute human to human interaction.

Also, also, have you noticed how often an argument turns to a Case of Nothing Short of Misunderstanding when done face to face? Political leaders, take note! Decisions of war must be done face to face at the international space station. En route, our tiny Earth and thoughts of God would surely make an impression?

Earth, as taken from the International Space Station : Via NASA

Re: the movie- Powers of Ten-- I first saw this film in my high school physics class. We learned about the Eames brothers (famous furniture designers)... how creativity, science, and art pulled together in the form of stackable chairs.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Entry #116: Pola

Roid rage, a new take.

MORE At Polanoid

Entry #115: Simpsonize Yourself!

I don't have a picture on hand, but woo-hoo: I KNEW they were going to put this mess out and here it is, the SIMPSONIZER.

Entry #114: History of the Future, Los Angeles

This is a hippie shit take on what the future of Los Angeles should be. It's kinda bizarre how completely optimistic the author is. He begins with, "And then people get together to change their lives."

Very Bizarre Website Here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Entry #113: Quail Sample Sale- Sunday @ The Academy

Come, come. Sunday from uhhh... noon til 6 pm.

Quail website

p.s. The Academy has updated their very popular vintage selection.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Entry #112: Stupid Ad 101

If I were in a critique I'd say, "lacks originality, creativity, & taste."

Ads of the World
: Via

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Entry #111: Shirt, Marco Locos

I often feel like some degenerative flower--except when I wear this shirt. Handmade & available Friday @ the Academy (with tons of variations)-- our garden collection perhaps?

Entry #110: Eco-snob

The marketing of environmentalism has bred a new culture of consumers who buy environmentally friendly products, organic foods, and Toyota Priuses in order to portray an upper class status, according to observations made by my environmental blog. Green-friendly is the new designer-label, with economist Milton Friedman declaring that “green is the new red, white, and blue.” (I think he means black).

My fear is that separating environmentalism by social class will widen the gap between the haves and have-nots, and trivializes the movement down to the ability to obtain products.

The health industry has already experienced the exploitive nature that is involved in marketing strategies taken on by food giants. According to one interoffice memo, consumers who eat Frito-lays, Doritos, soft drinks, and other well known junk food companies are your middle to low income minority groups. Yet, companies continued to portray White, upper middle Americans in their ads, an ad executive observed astutely.

Ad agencies then worked to change the faces of many snack companies to better reflect their consumers, showing Hispanic and African Americans in more of their commercials and print ads. This brilliant marketing insight to take the flip side of the health conscious consumer has reaped record sales for junk food companies. It has also, however, contributed to the level of obesity and obesity related problems of the middle and lower class. (This statement deserves a paper…which I wrote—except it was in Spanish.)

Environmentalism will likely suffer the same fate if consumers base their environmental track on how often they shop at Whole Foods, or whether or not they have a “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” tote. Companies have already exploited the label of “environmentalist,” with an influx of “organic” labels on skin products and laundry detergent—when in reality there is no government oversight over the use of the word “organic” for these products (only exists for food).

(I went on a bird walk at the South Coast Botanical Gardens & it just made me think about the future of environmentalism with record sales of environmental shirts but low volunteer turn-out).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Entry #109: Reminder, friendly

1060 unread messages is a bit too ridiculous, so I did my yearly email purge. Ran across the work of Lucas Martin-- compelling!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Entry #108: BLAH!

How do I get wholesale DVDs?

I need 6.

Update: 7/20/07: Wholesale DVDs are on the way, thank you Cinefile.

Entry 107: Life on the Edge

Sweetness... I was always fond of the edge pieces.

But there's no oven where I live, which is a REAL bummer because cauliflower in the oven is amazing.

Via Amazon

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

Entry #105: Daisies - Sedmikrasky (Czech 1968)

In this key film from the Czech New Wave, two uninhibited young women (both named Marie) turn against the numbing state of society in a madcap flurry of pranks and material destruction. Beneath the outrageous surface of this avant-garde comedy is a defiant feminist statement and an acknowledgement of the desperation that goes hand-in-hand with rebellion – a state of mind represented by one girl’s attempted suicide. The film so unsettled Czech government officials (and a great many other men) that its release was held up for a year. “... the most adventurous and anarchic Czech movie of the 1960s” (The Faber Companion to Foreign Films).


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Entry #104: Time, Kim Ki-Duk

You want to see it!

Entry #103: Le notti di Cabiria

Bellisimo, no?

Entry #102: Prodigy Child, makes me smile

More of Akiane's absolutely amazing paintings can be found online. She's only 12... but has been painting like the above since age 7! (I can't even draw a circle).

The prodigy writer- Adora- has a great imagination. (I saw a Diane Sawyer documentary on the little giant).

Entry #101: Hybrids.

Eclypse! (The zebra & horse hybrid).

p.s. What two items of clothing combined make an awesome hybrid? Go ponder!

Entry #100: Club touch-it.

My little brother is dj-ing @ the Queen Mary. Word on the street is that he's fantastic. Check it: