Monday, July 23, 2007

Entry #117: Powers of Ten

In writing letters--

my words fly from heart to fingers- and lack of barriers make everything raw and overstated- love becomes obsession, annoyance becomes hate, and an indication of disappointment- becomes a personal attack.

Don't take it as such.

My letters are not to substitute human to human interaction.

Also, also, have you noticed how often an argument turns to a Case of Nothing Short of Misunderstanding when done face to face? Political leaders, take note! Decisions of war must be done face to face at the international space station. En route, our tiny Earth and thoughts of God would surely make an impression?

Earth, as taken from the International Space Station : Via NASA

Re: the movie- Powers of Ten-- I first saw this film in my high school physics class. We learned about the Eames brothers (famous furniture designers)... how creativity, science, and art pulled together in the form of stackable chairs.

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