Thursday, January 24, 2008

Entry #168: You know, you know.

Newspapers aren’t getting enough love these days with that other medium’s ability to report breaking news faster than your high-speed cable can keep up. The Death of the Paper is an often talked about event in newspaper circles and I too was almost ready to mourn the lost of an era but something telling started to happen.

Network cables’ ineptitude at verification of facts started to surface. Even conservative online versions of the newspaper made false, somewhat deceptive claims, including The Wall Street Journal (ok, the only conservative paper I actually like to read). This up to the second, in yo face homie, breaking news reporting is really made for readers who like the thrill of not really knowing, or readers who in their younger days picked at daisies and recited “loves me so” to “loves me not.”

The paper, on the other hand—is akin to the wise old man who takes a thoughtful look and deep breath before finally speaking deliberately. These are the facts, and I stick by them, he seems to be telling the readers (without a cowboy twang).

But I’m a news junkie. So I follow the thrill of the newsroom. And urhm, I pick at daisies!

And I think all of this yearning for the paper is really just me wishing wishing wishing for self actualization of some sort. If this makes sense, then we belong side by side, like two apples in a fruit basket “hoping for the best for each other.” 1

Today’s Headlines:
NYT: Killing of Sunni militia cause of consternation for America—the militia is a key component of their Plan to Decrease Violence in Iraq.

LA Times: Presidential polls- blaaaah. Good ol HillBill are leading nationwide and the GOP seems even more confused than them Dems.

Wall Street Journal: Influx at the Gaza (national headline) and the stock market

Washington Post: The swingin stock market and wtf are we to do?

USA Today:
76 colleges have over 1 billion in endowment so why aren’t they spending like they should on scholarships and other improvements?!

1. Anne Sexton

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