Monday, February 25, 2008

Entry #147: C-Code Contest

* To write the most Obscure/Obfuscated C program under the rules below.
* To show the importance of programming style, in an ironic way.
* To stress C compilers with unusual code.
* To illustrate some of the subtleties of the C language.
* To provide a safe forum for poor C code. :-)


Past winner: THE CODE

The result:

Direct opposition to Colin Wheildon?

Who writes,

"...But should technology serve only the designer and headline writer, or should it also serve the reader? Are we, by distorting type, discomfiting the reader to such an extent that he and she will retaliate by the only means open to them—by refusing to read our message?
If this danger is real, how far down the primrose path can we go to before our use of the technology available to us becomes counter-productive?"

And who can forget Mark Danielewski's House of Leaves?

Is this a coming of the New Age in Type & Communication?

These are all very interesting questions-- but right now, all I care about is why I can't seem to find a proper dentist because I need some "...osseous recontouring to increase crown length, facial bone festooned and ramped, palatal bone gradualized--"

(based on a scientific Google search)


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