Thursday, May 22, 2008

Entry #167: EEG & brain artifacts.

Microsoft patent
Filed: February 7, 2006

Notable from the above link:
"The EEG signals contain data and patterns of data associated with brain states, which can be used to infer the existence of thought processes. A problem with cognitive techniques is that EEG signals often contain artifacts, i.e., unwanted data, that may distort the brain state information. In the past, attempts have been made to overcome artifacts or "noise problems" by filtering EEG signals and by using neurofeedback. "

And here we have the beginnings of a Brave New World

Notable from the above link:
"By balancing and optimizing your brain you can train your brain to accomplish what it is you desire; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. With Brain State ConditioningTM you can overcome personal issues quickly and easily, and experience positive life changes in a matter of weeks."

Why this (the patent) is interesting and the implications that can arise:
This deals directly with the mind/body relationship. There are generally three theories about the mind/body- feelings and perceptions. The first is that feelings and perceptions are byproducts and spontaneous side effect of neural networks-- i.e. connectivism. Another is that there is a mental code on the orgin of the mind the same way that there is a genetic code for the origin of life. The third is something I forget but it's based on computations and is more similar to the first in that the mind is considered a spontaneous process.

Spontaneous processes cannot have rules of its own which makes it harder to study and it also means that the mind is not autonomous.

The mind as its own set of codes however implies that the mind is not dictated by chemicals and physical chemistry AND that the mind can have epigenetic properties! Thus there can be rules and additions that changes features and landscapes.

Eeeek! I wish I could just sit, read, and think about these lofty things all ze time.

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