Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Entry #175: The Intelligent Life, Aging Gracefully

I mean,

the title is slightly egotistical. But The Intelligent Life is a lifestyle magazine put out by The Economist.


I was floored when I discovered they even had a lifestyle magazine and spent hours reading. I like the pictures and some of the articles are interesting.

From a response to Lori Gottlieb's Atlantic op-ed "Marry Him!"

But the series that won me over = "Bright Old Things"

Life, he says, is inevitably tragic, because we are born to die. "If you want to live a long time, love and be loved. I married two women who loved me. And you can continue living productively if you follow the rule of the Roman stoics--carpe diem. Don't live expectantly, live for the day."

There's no point in worrying about the future because there's nothing to be done about it. "As Shakespeare says, ‘The coward dies many times before his death.'

Betty Stevens, 90
We shouldn't expect to be happy in old age, she says: contentment is enough. "I have an absurd sense of the ridiculous--I see life in a series of cartoons..."

Brian Power, 90
Ageing, he says, takes one by surprise. "There's no point at which I say I am old. I've always believed in relativity: you can feel incredibly old one moment, middle-aged in the afternoon, young again at tea-time to the point of being skittish, and then very old by 11..."

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