Monday, December 22, 2008

Entry #192: X-mas list

I wanted GOT these:

Ann Demeulemeester triple laced boots (mine are black)

So far I've been granted these:

Miu Miu boots (in black is mine)

And these:

Cynthia Vincent wedge sandals (same color)

Work has been busy so I havent been able to give thought as to what I wear on a daily basis-- now that I have that luxury I am going to start piecing together my clothes so that once work starts again-- I have things set :) I start "Haute Couture sewing techniques" at FIT in January= yippee!



Aweeee super J! as usual! let the Chinese binding foot process commence!

Kim said...

Hey :)
I am searching for the Miu Miu boots. Could you tell me where you got yours from? Thanks!

Design Nature said...

Hi Kim-- it was a gift so I'm not sure... but its from 2008, maybe ebay?

Kim said...

I didn't find them on ebay so far but thanks for answering my question :) Hope I'll find them some day, they're awesome!