Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Entry #203: Ah, we meet again

It may be a general principle that the transcriptional targets of a signaling pathway is repressed in the absence of its signal. I read that line in some chemistry book and tried to place it in a social context. My thesis is that estranging from people is an authentic example of a weakening social fabric which leads to an intense attraction with the self. Never mind the friends, school, work, domestic chores, and...

And in the absence of activity there is a revival of inner thought, self-observation, and self-analysis. This is not a good way of attaching oneself to another. In a sense, we consist of large movements of centrifugal like bodies who disperse existence beyond our limits.

So to sit and contemplate and reflect is personal and egotistical. His passions produce nothing and so they are futile imaginings. And what he states is love is not so. It's a meditation on his love (my brain is hurting).

Egotistical bastard that makes others worry and the mere push for change of some sort is swept aside as if though he is that one person who could reflect on his own consciousness. It is impossible to produce action in a purely undetermined state!

So lad, your own wretched misery has been antiqued and studied. And I am not to blame.