Monday, September 03, 2007

Entry #126: My Space, accordingly.

Space and place... warning = no air conditioning (feels like death!) 3 spaces available. $850 - 1250.

My new office. makeshifty.

water presure is amazing. Bathtub is amazing. very Zen & spa worthy. ginger bath friendly. well versed in epsom salt. great to hang bathing suits in. in need of dirty magazines.

currently in the process of greenhousing the area to death. Current plants includes tons without names. Environmental and air friendly. ISO native plants, not doing a very good job. Just received a treatment of water and simple green and cobweb removal. wondeeful.

Note: There is also a huge something gallon (my wingspan + and knee deep) fishtank that has sturdy goldfish that are large and hypnotizing. Just cleaned by its a sickness. worthy of love. do not pet.

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