Sunday, September 23, 2007

Entry #131: Coming to America

More Muji stuff.

"Muji is nonbrand, but also nonfunction. No added function," says Fukasawa. To explain, he draws a typical cutting board. It has a shallow gutter along the edge to collect water and a handle on one side. "There are many functions here," he says.

"But a Japanese cutting board is just wood." He draws a simple block.

"Of course, the first one is very functional … from one point of view. But the handle makes the cutting board harder to clean," says Fukasawa. "It's really a plus and a minus—an added function, but also a marketing tool. So, in a sense, the plain wood one is perfect without any additional function and is more truthful, more honest. But this idea is very difficult to promote."

Read the entire article here.

Muji communique here.

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