Friday, December 28, 2007

Entry #155: "there is a lie being told, the same lie we all know by heart "

I am reeling from the virility of no sleep and no coffee!

But oh! Last night I went shopping with Benner + sister and what times these are my heart.

I bought pants of the most charming kind. New & old, the latter I like more. Unfortunately—the sizes are all wack, homie!

For instance—the modern set is a stately size 26 and I believe in my hearts of hearts it is actually a 27/28 because it is too loose.

The wiser set is marked as size 24, and I believe certain parts are… but the back where the darts are = too loose, and the waist area is too small. Whose body is this??! It’s been hard to find my size pants lately because I’m currently all fat and no muscles AND because sizes are changing without my consultation. There really should be some standardization in this industry. False hope dies fast.


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you are not all fat and thuddy! stop it! i love u! yay we'll go shopping again xo