Saturday, June 09, 2007

Entry #82: The Sun Shines, Even When It's Foggy

I wake up every morning to the sound of trains, ready for a hard day's work. Then I realize that it's actually 3:30am. dammit.

My roommate took some time to show me his work and I was officially floored. Check it.

My bestest friend got herself a bloggy. Sources tell me she's gonna be putting her fingerprints all over your computer screen.

Speaking of fingerprints...

The bookstore at the Brewery, called Bookfinger contains information galore for designers, politicians, and historians. I'm a book fanatic and I don't think I can let go, despite all these talks of minimalist living that floods my brains and dreams. I picked up the St. James Fashion Encyclopedia, which covers fashion from 1945-forward.

Apartment project 101 consist of getting houseplants that fight pollution. We researched the premise, but discovered that our combine brains did little to expand upon our individual list. Google, that devil!

Based on a NASA research project on houseplants that fight pollution & listed in descending order of effectiveness.

* Heart leaf philodendron
* Elephant ear philodendron
* Green spider plant
* Lacy tree philodendron
* Aloe vera
* Golden pothos
* Chinese evergreen
* Mini-scheffle
* Peperomia
* Peace lily

The most effective plants to use in removing pollutants like formaldehyde are those with a large leaf surface area.

* Heart-leaf philodendron (philodendron scandens)
* Elephant ear philodendron (philodendron domesticum)
* Green spider plant (chlorphytum elatum)
* Lacy tree philodendron (philodendron selloum)
* Golden pothos (epipremnum aureum)
* Chinese evergreen (aglonema modestum)
* Mini-Schefflera (bassaia arboricola)
* Peperomia (peperomia obtusifolia)
* Peace lily (spathiphyllum clevelandii)
* Corn plant (dracaena fragrans 'massangeana')
* Snake plant (sansevieria traifasciata)

Checklist starts now.

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