Monday, June 18, 2007

Entry #91: If Only, numero uno.

DIY clothing is awesome, but how do you go from idea to the actual product? I have a hard time finding the proper material (despite being so close to downtown LA) and cutting the clothes to fit the style I'm aiming for. I'm still iso certain fabrics and it may be wise to just base my designs on the available fabric but "NO, not there yet dammit." Some stuff that may be helpful if you're interested in making your own clothes cuz you wanna waste time productively [(say yes) x (And it's fun!)]

sloper [n]: a basic pattern that follows the natural lines and represents the basic dimensions of a figure, from which all styles are based on. Also called basic pattern, block pattern, or foundation pattern.

Slopers can be bought online or you can start making your own collection by tearing apart the clothing you have and redrawing the forms (be sure it's something that is BASIC, unless you want to remake the exact item in a different material, length, etc).

Pins and needles are amazing inventions for the dressmaker and I highly recommend using them as much as posssssible and for EVERY crease, nip, tuck, & fold to be sure that your clothes will come out correctly. I've wasted tons of material and money because I wrongfully believed in myself too much (the pin wins, it's true). I blame this on America's "you are special" syndrome that occurred in the 90s, or rather- my formative years. Don't trust your instincts when it comes to the technical aspect of making clothes is Lesson #1.

Future I wish I knew isms to come, but now you can make me a dress (don't forget to pin extra material for my CODE WORD: babyfat).

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