Sunday, June 10, 2007

Entry #84: Forever 21 turns 12 by 12

Fast Fashion Retailer Forever 21 has a new line of stores set to launch called Twelve by Twelve. The pieces are priced above the Forever 21 price point, but well below department stores at nothing more than $100/piece. They are said to be made of higher quality, more detailed designs, and much more fashion forward- meant for the 30 somethings which are really the 20 somethings that follow the "young Hollywood" crowd. The website launches at the end of this month. So far, they have done very well, according to market research, in which these higher quality pieces were placed within the Forever 21 Store. The name is a play on their namesake, of course, but they also have 12 designers and they are on the 12th floor of some building. I counted the building downtown- not even 12 stories- therefore they must mean the one in China where, you know- women are making 12 cents a day.

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