Monday, April 09, 2007

Entry #21: Artist Sol LeWitt dies at 78

Cancer, that devil. I love his 3-D work.

“I would like to produce something I would not be ashamed to show Giotto” Le Witt has said referring to his “Wall Drawings” that had its beginnings in the historical Renaissance fresco paintings. While he has been known as an artist who has bridged the gap between minimal and conceptual art, LeWitt has also pursued the making of beautiful and well crafted art as well. His work through the 90’s to the present has pushed his work past his benchmark pure geometric forms into more fluid brushstrokes, undulating waves and layers that are more fluid in nature. LeWitt is one of the key artists that have evolved out of the 1960’s and has had major retrospectives worldwide including the Hague, the Whitney, the Museum of Modern Art and SFMOMA.

Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing No. 681 C, 1993
Sol LeWitt's obituary can be found at International Herald Tribune. The always informative Wiki also has some info on Sol LeWitt and his work.

The pictures were taken from: New Arts Gallery and National Gallery of Art.

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