Friday, April 27, 2007

Entry #43: The Natural and the Nude Are Dressing Up, Dammit.

I don't know what today is about, but I've been getting constant reminders of Project Oceans, the marine biology camp that introduced me to, dare I say, a whole new world? I swore I was going to be a marine biologist... didn't happen, but I do recall diving down for sea urchins galore off the coast of a little bay in Catalina Island that was part of the Southern California Marine Institute.

And the objects below made me swoon (particularly #1):

The following Garden Dial can be yours for a mere $5 (it looks like fun).

You can find all of the above products at The Curiosity Shoppe.

Natural and Nude: getting dressed up has been a bit gawdy and depressing lately- namely because I've gained weight and know that all this flucuating isn't doing this body good. (the once loose size 25 looks like a 26 on me now- BOO).

But I've taken my health into my hands, Captain Planet style, and have decided to do a few drastic things. Namely, get rid of my car and walk/metro it everywhere.

My carbon footprint is so low, Al Gore is smiling (I just know it)!

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