Sunday, April 15, 2007

Entry #29: Eco-friendly, think twice.

I'm tired of people trying to sell "eco" friendly items and "native" plants to me. It bugs to think that companies are making money off of a movement that is barely beginning (finally!) to take shape in our consuming habits.

I've been thinking about that lofty term, organic, and eco-friendly products. First off, things such as bamboo, soy, etc. as a fiber isn't necessarily eco-friendly. From treehugger, I note,

"Bamboo, for instance, sounds great: it’s a fast-growing plant, not reliant on chemicals, and beautifully drapes the human form. Trouble is, bamboo plantations can displace native forests, and the harvesting and fiber processing are often polluting and unregulated. As with soy, corn, and Tencel (which comes from trees), the processing from plant to fabric is energy and resource intensive."

So these items should be viewed the same way we view cotton, lyrca, silk, etc. I don't mine the advertising of things made from bamboo, but please don't view it as "eco-friendly" unless there are documented proofs of such (not that there is a definition/regulation for the use of that term).

I think the time is now for environmental organizations to take a stance on such things. Anyways, American Apparel has organic undies on sale for $6.

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