Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Entry #24: Tights, urgh.

The past few months, I have been wearing outrageous tights in an effort to get away from dodgy tights that are worn by the cute and un-cute alike... I have even made my own variety out of patterns (O, Africa!) I found to be amazing... but dammit.

yes, it is time to get over a trend when everyone on the streets are wearing tights with flats, tights with dresses/shorts/etc. It's basically, choking REALLY!

But I DUNNO WHAT TO DO! TIGHTS ARE SO EASY to dress with ya know, ya know?


I currently like the tights with loose shirt with sweet kicks (o, Nike by day and platforms by night) look... but even that is overdone. The solution is to get rid of tights (except for work I suppose).

Anyways, I like the bag pictured below.

And thank you, American Apparel for all the color that you brought to my life. Tsubi did NOT start the colorful jeans trend, thank you fashion mags. American Apparel brought it back to the masses, but umm.. it was really GUESS Jeans (those triangles!!) that did it. I can't find a picture of those lovely diamonds. O Dear, I think I sorta really want me a pair!

I've been wearing thigh highs a lot more lately. It looks good, particularly with a little ribbon tied around it. Fight the tights (halfway). Anyways, I'm sick of street fashion... but I can't afford the Good Stuff.

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