Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Entry #34: Work Wear, again.

work clothes consist of muted colors. I am lacking spirit. I think it's in Africa. Baby better be there. Yippee!

splenda sweet.

Last night was some mildly interesting work with the country singer. I am still stuck on the black dress scene.

Must get back to the real world of design.

O, o... that reminds me: My brother & I were interviewed for Issue 2 of an online mag, Commonism. Here's a snippet...and you can read more at Commonism (I love their layout+design, btw).

What, in your opinion, is the most prominent creativity source in your direct culture/world culture?
You know your favorite shirt you got in that thrift store downtown? How about that amazing photograph of your dad in shorts? We're all about those little pieces that make you smile and long for something that isn't there anymore. We're not completely nostalgic but we do find that a lot of our ideas are derived from the past.

Any sort of communication that should be in existence but isn't? What would it be?
Telepathy? We're pretty satisfied with iChat though. Free wireless internet across the country like they have in Europe is something we support.

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