Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Entry #49: Extracting Video From the Brain- Mind Reading?

I had a dream about seeing images from the brain of a dead person and googled the mess to find the following study that was able to reconstruct images seen by a cat using neuronal systems/circuits and a mathematical formula. The above is what they put together. Moral of the story is that dreams lie in the realm of the real.

Professor Garrett B. Stanley of Harvard University writes in a 1999 Neuroscience article,

"A major challenge in studying sensory processing is to understand the meaning of the neural messages encoded in the spiking activity of neurons. From the recorded responses in a sensory circuit, what information can we extract about the outside world? Here we used a linear decoding technique to reconstruct spatiotemporal visual inputs from ensemble responses in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) of the cat. From the activity of 177 cells, we have reconstructed natural scenes with recognizable moving objects. The quality of reconstruction depends on the number of cells. For each point in space, the quality of reconstruction begins to saturate at six to eight pairs of on and off cells, approaching the estimated coverage factor in the LGN of the cat. Thus, complex visual inputs can be reconstructed with a simple decoding algorithm, and these analyses provide a basis for understanding ensemble coding in the early visual pathway."

The PDF of the article/study can be found here.

I also ran across a message board, and there was a quick link to this BBC article, "Computer uses cat's brain to see," regarding the study.

In other NEWS, The Library of Congress HAS A BLOG (!!) called "Library of Congress Blog, Light and liberty go together."

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