Thursday, May 10, 2007

Entry #57: Garden in the Sky

LOVE, as edited from The New Otani Hotel & Garden.

The half-acre rooftop garden on the third floor of the Otani Hotel & Garden in dowtown Los Angeles is a miniature version of the historic 400 year-old ten-acre garden in the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo.

According to the website, the garden utilizes the seven priciples of Zen: asymmetry, simplicity, naturalness, calmness, austerity, subtlety and spirituality.

In theory, a Japanese garden should represent the universe and its elements, The New Otani gardens are traditional "strolling gardens" and its path not just a functional entry into the garden, but a separation with each step signifying a release from the realities of work and worry.

An important classic technique in Japanese landscape architecture is called "shakkei" (or borrowed landscape) in incorporating surrounding and/or distant landscapes into a garden's panorama. The huge red rocks placed carefully throughout the garden are part of the priceless rock collection of the late Yonetaro Otani, founder of the New Otani Company. These precious rosy rocks are found on the Japanese island of Sado in central Japan. In a Japanese garden, such a rock may symbolize a mountain or a continent, while a palette of combed sand might be an ocean.

Click on the picture below for the map.

p.s. I can't wait to live downtown!

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