Thursday, May 31, 2007

Entry #80: Semi-secret Show, snip, snip.

Happily Ever After duo Matt & Kim are having a show tonight (go now!) in the good old LBC (Esther Ave + Santa Fe). It's in a semi-shoddy part of town so they definitely have street cred.

But alas, tonight I'm @ the hiz-ouse, peelin potatos and milking cows: i.e. pattern-cutting! The vast amounts of fabric I've ruined because of my poor shearing abilities has me downtown touchin' and violatin' fabrics on a daily basis. This little trek has me practicing my Spanish skills with fabric/textile makers. My curiosity about the beginnings (you see, the silkworm...) will eventually get me to a holier than thou place.

God, can ya save me?
God --> no
doctor --> maybe
pharmacist --> yes
And down the food chain we go.

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