Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Entry #61: A Metro We Will Go!

I took the Metro today (the first time cross cities!) and got VERY LOST. "NE corner" what?! The $3 all day pass was well worth it...as a woman's intuition does not exist in the realm of directions. I need a compass...I actually had a compass ring at one point.

(link to Individual Icons) : (Discovered on Fabulist)

In all that mayhem, I didn't pick up a Very Important Phone-call.

Whatever the deal, lots of business people (who park & ride) and it was rather interesting.

I spoke to a couple and the general reasoning was:
downtown LA is very hard to drive into- taking the metro (from LB like me!) is safe and very practical.

I also rollerbladed into work. ta-da!

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