Friday, May 11, 2007

Entry #60: Discipline in Thought and the Pursuit of Simplicity

Cool paper on Delay Insensitive Codes. (note: PDF)

MathMeth's Mission Statement, as stated on their website:
We are of the opinion that thinking is a skill that may be developed like any other. This website is devoted to developing our thinking skills. We choose mathematics as a medium through which to conduct this development. We make this choice because mathematical concepts are completely clear and precise, and hence provide the simplest sort of problems to work with.

that last sentence is a tough pill.

Will all this mathematical thinking lend to better communications/social skills? Probably not... for that, I'd turn to Rawl's Theory of Reflective Equilibrium.


The pursuit of simplicity won't lead to cool stuff like this:

The Color of the Year for 2007, according to Pantone.

Fitting, with the War on Terror and Darfur Genocide currently going on. Word on the street is that number 1 is no longer referring to our invasion as the War on Terror?

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