Thursday, May 10, 2007

Entry #56: Removing Space to make Place

I spent a couple of hours at MIT’s Rooftop Garden at Hotel @ MIT and, although I appreciated the fact that there was a rooftop garden (atop a parking lot structure), I was a little disappointed (i.e. very).

It reminded me of tracked housing.

There are two different types of green roofs: The first is meant to be visited, while the other is geared towards lowering temperatures and consist of selecting plants that will accomplish this the most = less play time. If the MIT rooftop is going to be that boring (and very poor layout, btw), they should just convert it to a green roof as opposed to a rooftop garden. But I guess there is aesthetics in eating atop a roof to look at the skyline.

Anyways, this inspiring article in the Long Beach Press Telegram and featured in the New York Times got me super excited.

Don't Mow this 'Lawn': Family Replaces Lakewood Lawn with Fruit, Vegetables.

Stuck in her vegetable patch is this message: "The empty front lawn requiring mowing, watering and weeding previously on this location has been removed."

I absolutely LOVE that someone from my middle school (Go Bancroft!) came up with this and actually put it into action? Amazing! I have hope for our native plant garden in the front yard. We have a well stocked vegetable and rose garden in the back yard already…

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