Thursday, May 31, 2007

Entry #79: State of Suspended Animation, Complete Rapture

Yesterday I was posed the question: Are kittens the new owl?


In other news, I'm in L-to-the-O-V-E with Dries Van Noten and his fantastic Spring/Summer 08 (yes, 2008) line. The heroin chic look is soooo-x 2004-2008 (and on).

Nomenus Quarterly is a new fashion magazine set to launch July 1st. 300! pages. An article entitled Forever Young is an ode to, what else- nostalgia. (You can read it online, but will have to go through a series of flash- yuck). Not exactly a new theme in the realm of nonfiction and something Cabinet Magazine did a better take on.

As you can see, I completely lied regarding the title. Not enough swooning on my end. Perhaps it will happen on June 9 and 10, when I trek to the Cooper Design Space + New Mart for their Designers + Agents event.

Please say yes and whatever you do, don't feed the models.

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