Thursday, May 17, 2007

Entry #67: Pavement Kicks & The Smell of New Leather

These babies will be hittin' the streets, soon, son, soon!

These boots were made by hand (handmade, writing is hard today) by a cobbler! How cool is that? Super cool. Everything, from the mold to the soles and the wood is carved, cut, sewn, stapled, & polished by hand. Intimacy, in a pair of shoes before they are broken into, is rather hard to come by. It's the Introduction into the American Life that many immigrants receive upon arrival on the shores of Mother Liberty.

Brand Name: Marco Locos
Retail: $300
Reason: "We can't compete against mass production and we won't anytime soon."
Smells Like New Leather & Your Favorite Dance Move

In other news, The Mai Shi are absolutely amazing.

From their Myspace website:
"This is our story, and we invite you to come along. It's about self-improvement and trying to live life at the top of your lungs, living life rightly, respecting others, making something you're proud of, and trying to sort out all the static and figuring out what matters. It's about trying to forge that third way, that way everyone said it couldn't be done. We do this in basements and backyards and in fancy clubs we don't even feel comfortable in. We do this in living rooms and bathrooms and bedrooms and wherever the sound sounds best. We do this with ten dollar keyboards and Olvera Street guitars and with light-reactive synths we built ourselves. We do this with broken cymbals and busted speakers. We do this the first thing when we wake up. We do this after a hard day at work, when it's the only solace and life seems to be a constant source of frustration. We do this on weekends. We do this all the time."

The above is something akin to the rings formed around drops of holy water and may even be a psalm for life and living.

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